011 - Promiti Hossain: STREAM OF LIFE-4 2022


Opening Bid: 80 000 BDT


80 000 BDT

Promiti Hossain
22 X 21 inch
Mixed medium on
acid free paper

PROMITI HOSSAIN is a Bangladeshi practicing artist with a background of mixed nationalities
and religious descent. She studied Painting at Kalabhavana, Fine-Arts Department, Visva-
Bharati University, Santiniketan. She is presently participating artist 2022 Venice Biennale.
She is a diaspora artist whose work is a link between her personal and expressive symbols
which contemplate inner observation and diverse social reflection to realize the entity of a
woman as a movement in time and space. She is interested in exploring woman’s presence,
struggle, acceptability searching, and self-identity, social idioms relating to self-probes creating
a narrative of a relationship.
She uses fragments of visual references to denote a mapping-out line, her motifs of collective
figures insects, leaves, and traditional patterns representing a compositional sphere flow of
life. Where her characters are a diagram of thoughts moving in a circle around the world, a
woman’s world, the inner and the peripheral.
Inspired by Mewar Rajasthani Miniature paintings, the rhythmic stream of characters, and lyrical
contours aspired her. She accentuated the subtlety of lines with varied frequencies giving
an essence, highlighting fragility, confusion sensitivity, and error a woman makes as an
innate expression of spontaneity. Miniature patterns drawn in fine lines designs which are
often seen on the edges of sarees, printed with wooden blocks as an image tradition of this
region, elaborates cultural identity in her paintings. Transparency water washes with broken
lines and characters set on the surface as flat symbols, creating appearances of a globe as a
surface of circulating thoughts with queries.
A symbolic initiator with narrative storytelling intent, expressing relationship, self-inquiries,
and wholesomeness.

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