010 - Nasima Haque Mitu : CROPS, LIVES AND IMPLEMENTS


Opening Bid: 300 000 BDT


300 000 BDT

Nasima Haque Mitu

3.5 X 4.5 X 4 inch
Medium : Wood and Stone

NASIMA HAQUE MITU is a freelance sculptor and Assistant professor, Department of
Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She completed her M.F.A
(Modelling & Sculpture), at Dhaka University.
She is an Anthophilous plant enthusiast, who correlates and creates a metaphoric association
between humans and plants. Humans and plants both as being multicellular organism
afinities are realized. Where the agronomical rendering of crops dense growth of vegetation,
the germination of seed transforming, she initiates this processes with the human
embryo relating to growth and human adolescence. The transfiguration of structure
thought and psyche stimulates her sculptural insights. She also associates the repetitive
patterns of plants to its diverse multiplicity of volume depth ….linking to 3-dimensional
language. She also finds the agrarian households' utensils, tools usage, and presence,
Physical appearances provocative and sensual to her senses.
She creates her sculptures with metal, wood, stones, wood carvings, and other mediums.
She is minimalist in sculptural temperament, combining realism and symbolic patterns to
compliment her thoughts.
Her germination sculptures in metal create visibility of fingers gripping each other giving
an essence of dependence, togetherness then again Denseness in its puberty and growth
striking out in curiosity. The sculptures titled crops and implements suggest a union of materials,
reflecting each other in their usage and sensuality of shapes.

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