Opening Bid: 75 000 BDT


75 000 BDT

Lala Rukh Selim
Set of Two
25 X 25 cm
Charcoal on Paper

Lala Rukh Selim is a sculptor and Professor at the Department of Sculpture, University of Dhaka,
Bangladesh. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from the Department of Sculpture,
the University of Dhaka, and her Master of Fine Art (Sculpture) from Kala-Bhavana, Visva
Bharati, Santiniketan, India.
Her work concepts deal with Women her psyche, essence, inner workings, realization, and significance,
to her external esxpression. Her various placement in society self-reflection, struggle recognition,
and transitions relating to physical and visceral primeval intricate sensitivities. Woman’s
domestic role and society, the paradoxes and confusions, searching for balance. She creates
wood carving sculptures where she explores the female form, The traditional omnipresent boti,
a long curved blade a knife-like cutting instrument as an everyday kitchen tool with its timeless
multipurpose flexibility. Creating a link between traditional and modernity to express the women’s
familiarities and obscurity. The various shapes of blades as metaphors, suggesting the
hands of mother goddess Durga. Agricultural ingredients and spices relate to women’s involvement
with farming and daily food preparation. The regular life of a woman at home and outside,
the facets of various roles, the mundane insignificant act, give birth to the vast workings of the
society. The red cloth its procreative inner changes and impacts on female mood and temperament,
motherhood the resilience of being a woman, and so on. All these attributes of materials
she uses to create a vocabulary of women and its inquiries to awareness.
Her drawings have a special entity for exploring the very personal association of thoughts.
Where the existential… dissolving, limitation, an illusion of life, and non-existence are involved.
Which was done during the pandemic time. It focuses on figures in gestures withering away to
the surface of the earth, intangibility.
Her work formulates an inversion, of a minimal symbolic sculptural installation. The artist makes
wood curved sculptures correlating with suggestive incorporated materials to enrich her multiple
perspectives into interrelating space.

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