003 - Fareha Zeba: ISOLATION-1 2021


Opening Bid: 65 000 BDT


65 000 BDT

Fareha Zeba

FAREHA ZEBA is a free-lance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Completed her MFA, from the Institute
of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. She is currently working as an Art Teacher in Scholastica
School, Uttara, and Dhaka.
She is an artist who creates a retrospective journey within and initiates various female issues collaborating
with her self-inquiries. She renders personal insight and intimate passions creating a holistic
sync with society, nature, and the self. She scrutinizes her chosen motif into visual dissection
as observations with various insights.
Her work titled Transformation deals with seeds. Where she as a passionate plant enthusiast metaphorically
associates the motif seed as a unique design of nature, where the miracle of a singular
seed becoming a plant, like a mother giving birth. The mystery of life, the shapes of the pattern relating
to the mother’s womb, and the intricate design of the female reproductive organ. She associates
the female psyche and elements from nature, creating a humanoid symbolic association incorporating
various mediums to convey her creative expressions. She is also interested in ethical
distribution, related to genetically modified and natural farming issues.
Fareha Zeba also worked on series isolation, during the time of the pandemic, where the paintings
are portraits with a mask coming out from a dark background into the watery resonance of light.
Explored the compositional makeup as an arrangement of flowers in the portrait from the early
Mughal miniature paintings. Recently she is working on the theme of bird’s nest, where she creates
a sculptural installation with our jute materials associating it with digital prints to convey nature,
nurturance, growth, and restoration.
Her working mediums are based on the concept, she is relating with. According to the necessity
and demand of the expression. She uses mixed media association in graphic, painterly sculptural,
and virtual interfaces.
Her work explores a fusion of expressionistic symbolic temperament with figurative and objective

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