001 - Dinar Sultana Putul: FOUR BASIC PILLAR 1 2022


Opening Bid: 280 000 BDT


280 000 BDT

Dinar Sultana Putul

7 Feet
Earth colour, coal, graphite, clay on News Paper
recycled pulp made paper.

DINAR SULTANA is a freelance artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh, has completed M.V.A in Painting at
M.S.U, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda.
She focuses on the impermanence of nature, the concept of things being transitory. Existing
briefly towards a transition. In her work, she explores the static the transitory stages of natural elements
found in nature like cotton pulp, human hair, snake-skin, flower, bark, seed, leaf, sometimes
stone and clay…. discarded materials and inspects them with a scientific experimental attitude to
comprehend and relate to their process and materiality. She incorporates the found ingredients
adapting them into various mediums to create multi-dimensional visuals. In her new series, she
initiated ideas and thoughts from the Book "Grunch of Giants" by the polymath futurist Fuller.
Where she used the cosmological philosophy, space, planets and stars, and iconic ideas of
“Dymaxion World Map” and “Spaceship Earth” as her creative references. She is also linking her
visual-making aesthetics with socio-political issues. Craft heritage and role of labor making art,
scenarios that also heighten sensitivity towards nature and natural elements. She also fancies the
utopian egalitarian equality concept.
She is a painter who assimilates the mediums into a play where she initiates the act, as the material
itself, evolves within the surface creating a living painting. She creates her palette, induces the
ingredients from nature, and integrates them with thought, ideas, references, and imagination.
She explores the essential of the natural material corresponding to its characters as it dictates the
mapping of the work.


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